One Team

This week I have been thinking about sports. Sports are both fun to watch and to play. There are all types of sports teams. With the great variety of teams comes an even greater variety of players. Each and every player has a certain job to do.

Last week at HCM we talked about the body. Sports remind me of the body. Every part is important. Every part is needed. Every position on a team is needed. Yet with sports, even though each player has a different job to do on the team, each player also has the same job.
It is their job to work together, as a team, and to win the game. When a team works well together they have a better chance of winning.

The picture of the body that we drew last week could also be a picture of a sports team. Christians are a team too. We are all part of the same team– the Christians. We all have our separate jobs to do, our separate schools to go to, and we all like different things– but we are still a team. all teams need a good coach– someone who will help them work together. We have the best coach– Jesus! As members of Jesus’ team, Christians all work together to spread the word of love for Jesus Christ. We opened the Bible to John 17: 20 and 21: “”my prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.”

Here we read that Jesus prayed for all of us. He prayed to God that we would all work as one team, to love one another and work with one another in telling everybody about his love. he wants us all to believe in him and try to be more like him. All of us are on the same team. All the Christians in the world are one team– working together for Jesus.

It is important for teams to work together and to practice together. Jesus knew that his team would need help staying together. Today as we gathered at HCM we were reminded that we are only part of Jesus’ team. how can we connect with other members of Jesus’ team? How can we feel connected to other parts of the body?

When Jesus went back to heaven to be with his Father, he left behind a picture for us to remember him by. It isn’t a picture in album but it is a picture that can help us to remember what he did for us. We call it “The Lord’s Supper”. It is also called Communion. Communion means sharing something that we have in common. Communion is acknowledging something that all Christians have in common. The greek word for communion also means fellowship– we come together. Jesus wants his team to be one and he left a beautiful picture for all the team members to look at. Just before Jesus was crucified, he called his disciples together for a meal. He took a piece of bread and he told the disciples that the bread was to remind them of his body that would be hung on a cross for them. Then he took a glass of wine and tld them that the wine was to be a reminder of his blood that would be shed for them on the cross. He told them that whenever they ate the bread and drank the wine, it was going to remind them of what he had done for them. We still eat the bread and drink the wine today, and when we do, we do it to help us remember what Jesus has done for us.

It has been more than 2000 years since that night and we still use that same way to remember Jesus. Jesus gave us these symbols as a very special way for us to connect with other Christians. Remembering him and his great love for us– gives us something in common with all other Christians all over the world. That is COMMUNION!

These symbols connect us with our team mates all over the world. It is what holds us together–we have this picture to keep us together and to help make us one.

The picture that we drew last week is a picture of a body. Tonight we broke bread together and looked at another picture of the body– the body of Christ.

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