Spiritual Food– Take Time to Pray

In Mark 1:29-39 we read how Jesus heals the mother-in-law of Simon. Tonight, led by Lynell, we read the story as a call and response so that all were involved in the reading of scripture.

And his disciples
James and John
Went to visit
Simon and Andrew
At their house.
The mother was there–
Her name is Sarah.
She was very ill~
She had a fever.
poor Sarah!
Sad family!
Sarah is ill,
Please come help her.
Jesus came.
He took her by the hand-
He lifted her up
The fever was gone!
Sarah was well,
She even made supper for all the visitors!
Many people
In the town
heard what Jesus did
They brought sick people-
Many sick people-
To Jesus
To be healed.
The whole town
Came to see
What Jesus was doing.
Help us Jesus!
Help us Jesus!
Help us Jesus!
Lots of people
Many, many people
Wanted Jesus to help them.
Early the next morning
Jesus got up
And went to a quiet place
To pray
Jesus is praying
The disciples wondered
Where is Jesus?
They looked for him
They found him
People need you!
People are looking for you.
Jesus said,
“We must go
To other towns
To spread the message
About God.
That is why
I am here.”
So Jesus
And his disciples
Went to many towns
To tell the people
About God
And to heal them
When they were ill.
We all like to be helpful. We all have jobs that we can do that make us feel like we are being good friends to others. Helping makes us feel that people need us, and when people need us, we feel more important. It is good to help. That’s why we have made a list of jobs we do at church. We take turns helping at church. We help each other and we help HCM.
If we are going to help, we also need to do what Jesus did– we need to pray. We need to take some quiet time away from other people, and be with God, so that we can talk to God, and listen to God.
It’s kind of like taking time to eat– if we work and work without eating, soon we will run out of energy and we will fall down and not be able to work any more. If we work and work without spiritual food, without praying and reading the Bible, we will run out of spiritual energy, and we won’t want to help anymore, or we will do things for selfish reasons, not because we want to really care for others.
Jesus took time to pray, even though all these people were making demands of him, he went away to be alone, to pray, to be filled with spirit food, so that he had the energy he needed to help all these people.
We need to work, to help others just like Jesus did and we need to pray to be filled with spiritual food– just like Jesus did.
This evening we entered the building to worship God. We spent time with him and learned that we can honour God by both helping and resting. As we got ready to leave, we were reminded that we come to worship and we leave to serve. We left with this blessing from Corinthians 13:14: May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
And together we say: AMEN
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