Basket Blessings

Hands and Feet
Audio Adrenaline
“I wanna be Your hands
I wanna be Your feet
I’ll go where You send me
Go where You send me
I’ll be Your hands
I’ll be Your feet
I’ll go where You send me
Go where You send me
And I’ll try, yeah I’ll try
To touch the world like You touched my life
And I’ll find my way
To be Your hands”
The words from this chorus perfectly describe our motivation behind our Easter Basket project. As a group the members of HCM assembled 120 Easter baskets that are going to be distributed this Easter to children in Winnipeg’s North End. This was a project of faith and obedience. Every person has been created to glorify, obey and serve God. We live out our faith in him when we serve others and come together to touch those who hurt and are in need. We all “touch the world” around us in different ways and for the members of HCM this giving project was an exciting, hands-on opportunity to feel the joy that comes from reaching out to others. We all face the challenge of finding our way to touch the world– and when we do it in God’s name, we become his hands and his feet.
The excitement was high and almost everyone at HCM was involved in the basket project:
~The Sunday worship group took collections and paid for the contents of the baskets.
~The Seniors made gift tags.
~The Friendship group assembled the contents and also spend additional time filling plastic eggs.
~A fellowship group helped assemble Jelly Bean Prayer baggies.
~ We are all praying for the children who will receive the baskets.
Each basket contained a Bible (Thank you to LifeLight Ministries:), chocolate, jelly beans, a cross necklace, an inspirational bracelet, a toy and some more candy.
For our members it was an important step to be on the giving end. We have felt incredibly blessed by the support we received for this project and are already looking forward to next year!

One Comment on “Basket Blessings

  1. I think the Easter baskets is a great idea. They look beautiful! Glad to hear it worked out well.

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