Our Lenten Journey Box

As a worship visual we have been collecting objects from each service during Lent. We have been placing them in a box that we have labeled our “Journey Box”. This box represents our journey with Jesus and the objects placed in are reminders of what we have learned. Our box is almost finished but here is what we have placed in it so far:
Jesus’ ministry journey began in the desert. When we read Matthew 4:1-11 we learned

that Jesus was fasting for 40 days and during that time Satan himself visited Jesus in hopes of tempting him. By reading about this temptation we learned how Jesus was human, like we are and he knows how we feel. We saw how Jesus used God’s word to overcome Satan. Satan is sneaky, he comes at us when we’re weak– we need God to make us strong.

Tonight we read about Jesus’ transfiguration from Matthew 17:1-9. Here we learned what an amazing and exciting time it was for everyone: Peter, James and John saw Jesus in his glory (dazzling white– so white it was hard to look at him) and also saw Moses and Elijah. They also heard the voice of God on top of the mountain. Peter was having such an amazing and wonderful time on top of the mountain that he wanted to build three structures and stay there. We talked about how important and exciting times in our lives are not the end of something, the are the beginning~~they often lead to other exciting times. We added the mountain to our “Journey Box” to remind us that learning who Jesus is is the beginning of a journey and not the end! It is exciting to be on top of the mountain but we have to come down and continue the journey.

Tonight we talked about walls. Walls are good things- we need them, but they can also cause frustration. Rules and laws are kind of like walls; they keep us safe and help us live with other people in a happy way. We read from Exodus 20, a story that talks about rules. The 10 Commandments are kind of like walls. They protect us from ourselves and others. They keep us safe and let us know what we are supposed to do. We added stones to our “Journey Box” because the rules were written on stones but also because stones can be made into walls. The stones help us remember that God cares for us and protects us with rules.

Tonight we read from John 12:24 where Jesus predicted his death with these words: “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.” Jesus is the wheat. We also made the connection between wheat and bread and were reminded how Jesus said that he was the bread of life. Wheat and bread are reminders of what Jesus has done for us. We took time this evening to remember how he was broken and poured out for us as we came to the table and shared Communion together.

Tonight we looked at Mark 1:35 where we read: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” When my cell phone battery is empty, I plug it in. When my body is tired I sleep. Jesus was a very busy man who must have been physically exhausted at the end of a day spent walking, preaching, healing and driving out demons! Jesus made it a priority to spend time in prayer– he recharged his spiritual batteries. Today we put batteries into our “Journey Box” as a reminder for us to follow Jesus’ example and spend time in prayer.

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