A New Season

As I reflect on this past year it has been a year of waiting and a year of watching. I have been working at trying to discover all that Hope Centre Ministries has been in the past and dreaming about what it can become in the future. More than once I have asked myself, “Why me, God? “What’s your plan for us, Lord?”. It has also been a healthy spiritual journey of walking on my knees.

One thing is certain– our God is the same throughout all ages and remains faithful. Even through a past that has included controversary and a fair share of turbulence, God is there. He uses different people at different times and his kingdom is growing.

I walked in the fall air this morning– it is definitely fall. It is a new season. That’s how I feel with HCM– a new season is upon us. Yes, the church calendar year marks a new season and we are ever mindful of that, but also a season of transition is over and we are embarking on a new adventure.

I hope to use this blog to journal the journey– new starts, new directions, new relationships, new ideas——- same God.

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