What’s with Food?

Tonight is Friendship supper. One thing I’ve learned in the last year is that you MUST have Friendship supper at least once a month. We’ve settled into the routine of eating together once a month on the last Thursday. We’ve tried several things, but what is working best is if I set the menu and then individuals who attend pay $3.00 for dinner. It’s quite a bargain. Tonight we are having chili and buns with veggies and dip and the ‘very important birthday cake’ to celebrate the November birthdays.

We can cancel Bible study nights, we can even get away with missing a social activity. But if we miss the supper, we need to have an immediate plan for post-poning it. It is not something that is skipped.

Is this because the food is so remarkable? Can’t be, the menu is often something that can be done in military size batches and then frozen if we don’t eat it all –so that is limiting. Is it the atmosphere? A multi-purpose room with plastic round tables is hardly ‘ambiance‘. So what’s with the food?

Jesus was always eating with people. Sitting down and sharing a meal together is a very spiritual thing. Eating together and sitting around a table together is a way of sharing our lives with each other. Sitting around a table breaks countless barriers and makes us equals. The saying is not “You are what your eat” but rather “You are with whom you eat”.

Jesus was often criticized for who he ate with and that is because by eating with the poor, the prostitutes, the tax collectors, he was in a way likening himself with them. He put himself on their level, and put them on his. Barriers were broken– at the table they were equals.

So as I get ready to make a HUGE batch of chili I do so with this thought in mind. It is barrier breaking chili (cool cookbook title:). Tonight I will get to eat with my friends from Friendship. We will be sharing our lives– we will be family. It is proven that families that eat together on a regular basis and talk around the table are stronger and healthier than families that don’t. Friendship supper is important. It is something that can’t be missed and it has nothing to do with the food.

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