Missing a Note

Bell night. Tonight was bell night. Every Tuesday a group of 15-17 individuals gather together to enjoy music and fellowship. Each member has at least one bell– some have two. The notes are projected onto the wall and we are learning together to make beautiful music. Most Tuesdays are lively evenings filled with laughter. Tonight was supposed to be about joy– “JOY TO THE WORLD”. However instead, anger and frustration crept in.

As a result one note from our song did not get played. One bell sat untouched. Some may say this is no big deal– it’s just one note. As we played we were all very aware of the missing note. I couldn’t help but think about 1 Corinthians 12— “one body, many parts”. There we were one choir -many notes. Each note is equally significant. Our song was incomplete. We missed a note.

Reminded me of the end of the passage: “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it”(vs.26).

On the ride home I spoke with a friend who in a very unique way said what I didn’t even know I was thinking until I heard her : “People need to see that although we are different, although we have disabilities we still do things. We have feelings– we get angry and sad but we also are happy and have fun. We dance, we do activities and like to be needed. We just do it all in our own way.”

How true. Tonight anger brought two powerful reminders. Two lessons learned: we all get angry, we just do it in our own way and every note is needed.

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