We ALL have Gifts

Last night was Friendship with Hope Centre Ministries. We typically have around 25 individuals with disabilities, staff and some volunteers. We meet every Thursday evening and follow a monthly cycle of lesson, social/fellowship activity, lesson, meal. Last night was lesson night. We are taking a look at the gifts that God has given his people. It is great fun and very moving to see and hear this group make the statement : “We all have gifts, they differ” (Romans 12:6).

It can become so easy to simply talk about it, but the teacher in me wants to help my friends practice and experience the lessons in a real, practical hands on way. Our last lesson had ‘talked’ about giving and what it means to help– last night was intended to practice this.

There were four helping stations: 1: Christmas card mailing labels, 2: Newsletter folding and envelope stuffing, 3: Christmas treats for children at a local drop in centre, 4: Bookmark tags.

These jobs were simple and could be very tedious. The joy with each task was completed with was so inspiring. Words like “Look at me”, “I like this”, “We’re helping”, were combined with “This is fun”.

I’ll admit it– I don’t often say those words while I’m doing a tedious task. Newsletters often tire me, assembly line tasks are ones I put off and yet my friends were so enthusiastic I had to ask them to stop so that I could get packed up to go home!

God loves a cheerful giver and last night I had the honour of being surrounded by cheerful givers. Made me think of a verse that comes several verses later in Romans 12:11—- “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.”

Gifts are given, but joy is experienced when we use them in service to God. I was reminded of that last night and the picture I took home is a beautiful one.

Billy Graham put it nicely in this devotional prayer: “Even the smallest job I do today is part of my service to You, Lord. Help my heart to be so filled with Your Spirit I will rejoice whatever task is set before me.”

Amen! It’s time to begin another work day, ‘. . . serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope. . .’ Romans 12: 11,12

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