January Highlight

Wow! As I look at the calendar it is hard to believe that 2010 is only 29 days old. So much has happened in the past 29 days and I am realizing already how behind I am in my ‘good intentions’ of keeping this blog current.

One of the highlights of this month was the opportunity we had to host two different groups from Steinbach Bible College. These first-year students were in the city exploring different forms of ministry. We had a group attend our Friendship evening and a group attend our Hand Chimes.

Before the students interacted with our members we had a time of learning and discussion. This was a great opportunity to share our desire for churches to look for ways to minister to and with individuals with disabilities.

One of the pictures we wanted these students to see is that everyone is created to give— everyone has the ability to be a blessing. We need to find and create opportunities for everyone to experience what it feels like to give. The theme for Friendship evening was creating and giving. We had a very busy evening– an evening of cutting and tying, of laughing and sharing, of making and creating. When the evening was finished we had made 4 blankets and 32 scarves. Everyone can do something. Regardless of ability we are all called to touch the world around us and reach out to others. We demonstrate our love for Jesus by loving our neighbour with actions as well as words. The blankets and scarves were made to give away— through several missions in the city it is our prayer that they will be used to give some much needed warmth.

Hand Chimes evening had the same focus— EVERYONE has gifts. We combined our talents and put together a beautiful piece of music— bells, voice, piano, rhythm. It was so nice to hear. As I listened to and participated in making ‘a joyful noise’ I found myself wishing we could see this kind of worship happening in more of our churches. People were definitely excited to be participating. Each one contributed and had a role– isn’t that how the body of Christ is supposed to be? I couldn’t help but wonder what role these ‘parts’ of the body have on a Sunday morning. . .

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