I love to laugh and it feels great to laugh with other people. Laughing is actually an important part of being community. When we laugh together we not only build bonds and form memories but we also help remove barriers.

Hope Centre Ministries is looking forward to an evening that includes laughter and fun: Live*Love*Laugh*HOPE! There are so many facets to this event and it is exciting to be a part of this. Here’s what many people may not know:

Awareness: We wanted to host an event that would get people excited and that many people would be happy to promote. Through our media sponsors we are able to connect with churches and have conversations that make people aware of our initiative to be a resource to churches. Simply put, this is a really fun way to tell churches about our services.

Community: Hope Centre Ministries represents community and so we wanted something that would bring all kinds of different people together.

Inclusiveness: So many times events happen that raise money for a cause, but that cause does not have a physical presence at the event itself. We want to offer a picture of inclusiveness and when people attend this event they will see our members involved. We want people to realize that inclusion means “with” and not just “in”.

Laughter: Laughing is something that all people, regardless of ability, enjoy. It is a wonderful gift and fills us with hope and encouragement. We chose to invite Ken Davis because of his unique way of communicating a gospel message. He is extremely gifted and extremely funny and we are confident that everyone who attends will be blessed.

“Because of this my heart will be glad, my words will be joyful, and I will live in hope.” Acts 2:26

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