Prayer Builds Bridges

One of the individuals that we work with has become very passionate about her love for God. Every time I see her she tells me how much she loves him. She loves music and is always asking for information on certain songs. “God speaks to my heart when I sing” are her words. Wow! Over a year ago she shared her desire to attend church and had in her mind a very specific church. Since I consider it part of our mission to build bridges with churches we talked about a plan.

Our plan and her plan in a nutshell:

Our Plan: We discussed how we could have contact with her home and the church. How we would advocate for her and how we would look for opportunities to connect her and begin to build a bridge.

Her Plan: She had her mind set on something very definite and her plan included nothing but prayer. She prayed. Every time we talked about how we were going to work this out she said, “I keep telling God what I want, please tell him too”!

My Lesson: She has been attending the church of her choice for a while now. She knows the pastor and attends Bible Study. She loves it and is so excited to share what is happening at ‘her church’. When I asked her how this all came about so nicely she wisely told me, “I told you to tell God. He made it happen. Wow, I love him, he’s so awesome!”. Can any of us say it better?

I think it’s easy to see that she has a lot to teach all of us about simple persistence in prayer. God has definitely used her to teach me. Instead of looking at my calendar to see when I can try to have a conversation with a pastor, I am now looking at my calendar to see when I can join her to worship at ‘her church’. I hope that’s soon.

God is awesome, indeed!

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