Family Reunions

Last night we had the opportunity to gather with our extended family— members of the various Winnipeg CRC churches. The theme of our evening was “Celebration of Gifts”. We wanted to gather together and celebrate that even though we are all very different, we are united through our common faith. We are brothers and sisters and all called children by a loving heavenly father. Because we were made by a creative God who loves variety– we have all been given different gifts. We ALL have gifts, they differ!

What a variety show we had— there was singing, laughing, playing of instruments, acting and even a little mind reading. It was great– and those who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Why was the crowd so small?

Why it is so hard to get people to come together?

Why is it so easy to fall into a pattern of busyness that keeps us focused on our selves?

By not connecting with extended family we miss vital relationships– relationships that can strengthen and encourage us–relationships that help us to celebrate the foundation of who we are.

I think we still see differences before we see similarities. We see weakness before we see strength and many see disabilites before they see abilities.

This community evening was intended to flip this— to see similarities before differences— to see strength before weakness and to see abilities before disabilities.

That is exactly the picture that those who came got to see. Maybe next time, we’ll be able to get even more of our family to come. . .
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