Sometimes a Family Has to Move

Today, Hope Centre Ministries is announcing its plans to move into a new office.  We are excited about this upcoming adventure but it has got me thinking…
A couple of years ago my family and I had to move.  We were excited as we looked ahead to the new things we would experience in Winnipeg and we were sad at all of the goodbyes we left behind.  There were more than a few bumps in our journey and yet we knew we had to move.  More than once we asked ourselves “WHY?”.  Moving changed us.  We placed ourselves in God’s hands and entered into a relationship with him that was based on trust.  We knew he had big plans for us– good plans.  We knew this because he promises that and God ALWAYS keeps his promises.  We are his children and he cares for us as such.
We had to move.  Moving opened us up to new possibilities and taught us how to listen to God’s voice in a new way.  It opened us up to new opportunities, new ways to grow, new relationships and new ways to follow God’s will.  Exciting, sad, scary— all wrapped up in one experience.  Looking back and seeing God’s hand in every step along the way is reassuring and fills us with the confidence to continue to step out for him.
I see this move that HCM is planning in much the same way.  Hope Centre Ministries has to move.  We are excited as we look ahead and already see the signs of new opportunities.  We also acknowledge a sadness as we say goodbyes.  There will be bumps in our journey and obstacles along the way to overcome but we are not stepping onto this path alone.  We are moving in order to open us up to new possibilities, new ways to grow, new relationships and new ways to follow God’s will.  It is exciting, sad, scary—all wrapped up in one experience.  We go with these words found in Joshua 1:9  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  We are hoping this move will help us to listen to God’s voice in new ways and to trust him as he directs us.
Below is a photo journal of the upcoming move, intended to give you an idea of what got us so excited.
As you enjoy the pictures, please take time to pray for HCM during this time of transition. 
Why does this family want to move?

We really wanted to have a space that was very accessible in many ways for our members.  This is a picture of the bus stop just a short walk from our front door.  Having easy access to transportation that does not involve a walk down a dark North End street at night will allow us to invite more people!
Parking has always been an issue– it is hard to invite people to join us when we didn’t have a parking lot.  Look at all the parking places— when one of our members saw the parking lot he said, “Good, now we can get people to come!”

Our new office will be located at 83 Henderson Highway.  This is the address of Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba and MBMS International.  There are other groups in the building as well:  SOUL–School of Urban Leadership, Community Ventures–Day Program for individuals with disabilities and Christian Family Centre– Inner City MB church plant.  We are excited about new relationships.

Part of what we do includes being a resource for churches.  We really wanted to have an office that was inviting and welcoming, a place where we can sit and have conversations with church leaders and others who are interested in learning how to foster inclusiveness in their church and faith communities. What a cozy setting.

As a ministry that exists to celebrate the gifts and uniqueness of individuals with disabilities, it was very important to us to have an office that was accessible and free of physical barriers.

An office is a ‘hub’.  A central place where things happen, a place to work, dream, plan and meet.  Soon there will be windows facing the lobby installed and then with a few finishing touches it will soon be ready.

This is part of the same building.  People coming to programs run by HCM will enter the building through these doors.

Now inside, you can see the hallway that goes through to other side.  Our office is located at the end of this hall.

Since we are a ‘Winterpeg’ based ministry, having a place to hang our coats is VERY important.

This is the sanctuary inside the building.  At one time it served as a chapel for the old Concord College (now CMU).  What a beautiful worship space.  We are very excited about the amount of extra chairs (already set up!) as they create opportunity for growth.  Another exciting piece is the grand piano– we have a faithful pianist who is really looking forward to playing that!

A Sunday at HCM is not complete without an opportunity to have a cup of coffee and spend time in fellowship with each other.  Here is where we will set that up on Sundays as the fellowship hall is used at that time by a Spanish ministry.  So exciting to be worshiping alongside another ministry.

This is the fellowship hall.  Here is where we plan on holding our Thursday Friendship group.  We looked at this room with some of our members who are already looking forward to a movie night (projector:)!
This is the week to make announcements, to share in our excitement and to ask many to be in prayer for us.  You can read the announcement on our website by clicking HERE!

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