God is Here!

Last night we gathered in our new worship space for the first time. It was an amazing evening for our community. We took time to pray and to praise as we reflected on who God is. The focus for the evening was on the question “Where is God”? There have been times in the past when God has shown himself to his people in some pretty incredible ways:

To Moses, he appeared in the burning bush! To the Israelites fleeing from Egypt, he was in the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. Later, God gave instructions for how to create a dwelling place for him— the tent of meeting or the tabernacle was made with specific instructions. In the centre– the holy of holies–became God’s dwelling place. King Solomon built a temple that became the splendor of the nation. It too, had a holy of holies— where God dwelt. The burning bush, the pillar of cloud and fire, the tabernacle and the temple all represent the same thing— God was with his people.

It will be advent in a few short days– a time of year when we reflect on yet another amazing way in which God has made himself known to his people. He came as a. . . . BABY! Jesus gives us a picture and an understanding of who God is. When he died, the curtain in the temple ripped and the separation between God and his people was removed. Where is God? God is here! God is with his people!

It doesn’t matter where we meet. We can move and change addresses, but God doesn’t change. He is the same forever and he is always with us.

Last night was a great reminder of this. God is with Hope Centre Ministries. God is here. We were also blessed by the prayers and words of our extended family. Tony, an ‘icon’ of the past sang a blessing to us as we take these steps into the future. It meant a lot to have him participate in this way. We were also blessed by words from family at Covenant, Transcona and Good News Fellowship. This new location has introduced us to new family members. We were welcomed and reminded to seek God in the ‘sanctuary’. Some of our new family includes a Spanish Ministry that uses the building on Sunday evenings. We asked them the name of their group and it translates to mean: The Lord is here! I love how God weaves everything together.

God is with his people— God is here!

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