A New Season

Blogging for me is not second nature— it is something I always ‘mean to do’.  I think it is a wonderful way to share what is happening as well as provide resources through but I have to commit to putting it in my actual list of things to do and not in my ‘when I get around to it’ list.

I have had a wonderful summer— so many amazing things have been a part of this summer.

First– there was SERVE— a mission week for youth.  The SERVE that I was involved in was held in Winnipeg and hosted by Covenant Christian Reformed Church.  This SERVE was intentionally designed to accommodate youth with disabilities.  If you are interested in seeing what this week looked like I invite you to visit:
http://www.ronhosmar.blogspot.com/   Read the blogposts related to Winnipeg SERVE and you will see how youth were engaged and impacted.  These weeks are a lot of work, but really so worth it.  I am amazed at how God works through all of the little ripples and I am excited to see how projects such as this one will impact our churches.

Second:  I had an amazing holiday with my family.  Together we drove from Winnipeg all the way to PEI and home again.  We had so many adventures.  Amazing country we live in.  So vast, so diverse and so beautiful.  Reminded me of our slogan at HCM:  “We ALL have gifts, they differ”.  There is beauty in the unique.

Third:  Time for quiet reflection.  I am amazed at how busy I can keep myself.  How I crowd out the quiet.  Taking time to sit, to think, to read to pray has energized and inspired me and I feel ready to begin a new season of Ministry.

It is my hope to update this blog with things that are happening at HCM– stories and personal insights, but also to review resources and share things that are available for those wanting to to be proactive and inclusive.

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