Summer Growing

This post is submitted by Carla V.  who has worked in the HCM office as an assistant for the last 3 summers.  We are so thankful for her energy and enthusiasm and the heart she has for ALL people.

It all started one Sunday morning at my home church. When I saw the job posting for the Hope Centre Ministries summer student position in the bulletin, it was an answer to prayer.

I contacted Shellie and Lynell and was very excited to set up an interview. Not sure what to expect, I was a little nervous heading into the interview. Once I sat down and met Shellie and Lynell and started talking, I felt completely at ease and at peace. A few days later I received a call: they would love to have me on staff!

To start things off, I attended a Hope Centre Sunday evening worship service on Powers. I wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as I entered, I was warmly invited and accepted with hugs, hellos, handshakes and smiles. I will never forget the wholeness of God’s presence in the room as we all worshiped together. Right then and there I just knew that I was right where I was meant to be and that it would be a fantastic summer.

Reflecting on the three summers of working with Hope Centre Ministries, I realize how much I have grown since my first summer. It has not been a drastic change, but instead there has been a slow, gradual learning and growing. God has been teaching me things in areas and situations that I never thought I could learn from. It is because of those moments that I have learned to go into everything with an open mind and open heart. You never know where or when God has something to teach you.

Hope Centre Ministries has increased my awareness. This summer I was able to identify needs in my home church that I had never even thought of before. The Youth Unlimited SERVE Winnipeg program really helped me in this area. Last year, when it came to planning and material preparation, I required some assistance in wording things the right way. This summer, it seemed to flow quite easily.

I am extremely grateful that God provided me the opportunity to work with such amazing people the past three summers. I absolutely love my job. What I loved most about it was getting to know people and spend time with them. I know that I will be able to use the things that I have learned and apply them to my everyday life. I have already started to do so and it has been amazing.  

Throughout these past three summers, God has deepened my understanding of everyone having something to offer. It is one thing to say and believe that everyone has gifts and that everyone contributes in their own way. It is another thing to witness those gifts. I have definitely witnessed many gifts, not just at Hope Centre, but in other areas of my life as well. My eyes and ears are more aware of how beautiful and unique, yet also very similar, every person is. We ALL have gifts, they differ!
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