Being "IN"

There was a period of time in my life where being “in” felt very important.  High school.  It’s ironic though.  I can also remember being taught that being “in” wasn’t the most important thing.  Be who I was– that was important.  I eventually found my niche– many people in my ‘group’ spoke about how glad they were that they didn’t have to worry about being “in” and yet we all enjoyed the feeling of belonging that we experienced.  You see– we were “in”.

Times have changed but some things haven’t.  We all feel distressed by stories of teens/youth struggling and doing silly things to be accepted– to be “in”.  I have even participated in discussions about how it shouldn’t matter if you are “in” or not.

I want to retract that.  I want to change my mind.  For the past few days I have been thinking a lot about being “in”.  It matters a lot.  It matters because the opposite of “in” is out– and that is a lonely place to be.

What does “in” mean to you?  I think about words like belongINg—-INvited—INcluded.  Being “in” is important.  No one likes to be excluded.

Are you “IN”? 

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