The Big 4-0!


What a wonderful celebration we had on October 14.  Many people came to enjoy coffee and treats, to visit and to stop the different displays we had set up:

·        Remember the Past” was a place to look at pictures of people who have been part of Hope Centre in the past.  Newsletters and meeting minutes reflected some of the hard work that went into those early years.

·         Celebration of the Present” showed art work by our members, resources we have available, and brochures about programs and workshops.

·         The future is hard to predict – thankfully we can express our desires to God, which people were invited to write out on sticky notes.  And then everyone received a Prayer P.I.N. (Pray, Intercede, Nourish), to remind them to pray for Hope Centre Ministries.

Worship Celebration Service

A beautiful picture that shows people who have been involved in the ministry of HCM at various times.
We are so thankful today for those who responded to God’s call to start Hope Centre.  They took a big step of faith.  They didn’t know where this would lead, but they felt God’s call and responded to it.  We want to acknowledge those founding fathers and mothers, and give thanks to God for them.   
We are so blessed to have such a strong and lively ministry at Hope Centre in 2012.  We have two different Friendship groups, and Sunday worship.  On Tuesday evenings we explore different types of art.  We have retreats, and dates for coffee.  We share our joys and our sorrows together.  We try to help churches to learn more about people with disabilities, so they know how to welcome them.

That’s the stuff we DO – but who we ARE is a ministry of Christ’s church.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.  We are blessed to be called by God to serve each other and the world.  We praise God for each of our participants, our volunteers, our friends, and our supporters.  We praise God for the ongoing work of Hope Centre Ministries.

What does God have in mind for us for the future?  That is a mystery.  We have some ideas about what we would like to do in the future, but we don’t really know if they will work out or not.  We don’t know what the future will bring. 

But something is not a mystery – that we can trust God to guide and lead us.  Everything changes, but not God.  God remains the same, and God is faithful.  Our job is to trust God, to listen for God’s voice, and to follow where God leads us.  We can be thankful that God has work for us to do in the future, and that God will give us what we need for that work.
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!” Hebrews 13:8
                                        “Holy is the Lord Almighty, who was and is and is to come” Revelation 4:8
At all stages of our ministry we can feel secure knowing that “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls” (Hebrews 6:19).   What ever roads we are led down, whatever changes we encounter, we know that Jesus will never change.


What a wonderful way to remember the past, celebrate the present and look with hope to the future. What Jesus has done for us in the past has made us who we are today: dearly loved children of God. As his children we eagerly anticipate the future that he has promised, with hope!
Praise be to God!


As we stood and joined hands, we were reflecting a community.  A community that reflects all aspects of Hope Centre Ministries– the past, the present and the future.  All parts are important and need to be celebrated.   The blessing is a reminder of what stays the same amidst changes.

“My friends may you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.  My friends may you grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

To God be the glory now and forever, now and forever AMEN!”

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