IN 2013!

April 26-27, 2013

Happy New Year!    We were excited to welcome in the new year– to change the calendar to 2013.  Part of our excitement is because of the initiatives that we have planned for this year.

We are hosting a special conference for churches— a conference that will provide support and resources for churches and faith communities that want to learn how to better include members who live with disabilities.  We hope that this will be an event that will highlight inclusion and raise awareness.

We hope to use this blog to reveal the many aspects of IN 2013…

IN 2013 Reveal #1:  Barbara J. Newman!

 Barb is a sought after speaker and author.  She has written books such as Autism and Your Church and Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities and has designed and authored a book that highlights a process for inclusion.

Barb is coming “IN” as keynote speaker and workshop leader.  We are so excited about the expertise and passion that she will be bringing to Winnipeg.

We’d like to take a minute to introduce you:


Would you like to come “IN”?    

Visit: to find more information!

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