Conversations with Carla-Ironing

Hello everyone,

Upon arrival at the office this morning, Shellie had quite the task awaiting me– iron the crayon coloured heart shaped sandpaper onto card stock to be used as thank you cards. I pointed out that for this task to be completed, I would need an iron. Shellie pointed to the table where my tool awaited me. Of course! Every office is not complete without an iron. I knew this would be a fun activity and got to work straight away.

Although my job of the day may seem random, there is plenty of purpose behind it.  The sandpaper hearts were lovingly prepared by individuals who attend the Hope Centre Ministries art program. The hearts were ironed onto thank you cards which will be sent out to the many wonderful people who volunteered at the Camp Arnes retreat this past weekend.

Here is a picture of some of the completed cards and one in progress.Aren’t they beautiful!

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