Summer Reflections–Carla’s last blog

Hello Everyone,

Today marks my last day at Hope Centre Ministries for the summer of 2013. I am sad to leave. It has been a summer full of great opportunities and events.

The summer started off planning for our annual Walk of Hope. The day was a success and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces again. We were also involved with Happy Days on Henderson which was an excellent way to spend the rest of the day. I really enjoyed helping out at the Hope Centre booth handing out stickers and talking to people about our ministry. Not to mention getting to wear super cool hair! 

Another highlight of the summer was being invited to attend at the Manitoba Legislature where Hope Centre Ministries and its members were given recognition for its good works by an MLA. What an honor! 

My favorite week of the summer was the week spent at SERVE. There was much planning and work involved leading up to it which was also fun, and so worth it once the week came into play. SERVE is a mission week experience for youth and young adults with a disability. What I love so much about SERVE is that it is not a picture of disability, but of ability and capability and that is such a beautiful picture.  I could really see God working in many different ways throughout the week.  We had such a wonderful, strong group involved and it was amazing to see everyone connecting while having fun and serving together. I am so thankful to have been a part of that.

I have been blessed to have been able to be a part of another summer at Hope Centre Ministries. This will have been my fourth summer here. Reflecting back on my first year up until now, I can see that God has helped me to grow in many different ways. I have also witnessed positive changes and growth in the works of Hope Centre Ministries. The examples I have shared in this blog are just a small piece of what goes on here. God is working in many wonderful ways and it is exciting to think of what He has planned for the future.

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