Us & Them…. WE

Today in church my mind wandered.  Maybe a better reflection would be that I picked up on some church language that was used and it took my thoughts in a different direction.

Generally the word ‘we’ is used often in church.  Today we are going to read…. we are going to hear… we are going to stand together and sing… we.

I like the word we– it communicates togetherness– it is a word that promotes unity.

However the word ‘we’ also can be used to separate.  People on a team  use ‘we’ to describe themselves but it is understood that people on other teams were not included when referring to we.

Today ‘we’ did that in church.  It wasn’t intentional, and maybe it was just something that I was very sensitive about…

I am struck by how hard it is to be truly inclusive.  We want people with disabilities to be welcome in church, but there are so many times when we really have ‘US’ and ‘THEM’.   

Today ‘we’ are going to participate in a responsive reading…– those who can read at a certain pace orally participated… others were left out…

‘We’ heard a sermon about…those who were good auditory learners heard…others were left out…

‘We’ is a term to truly strive for.  My prayer is that as churches WE learn to be intentional about discovering the barriers that exist among us– the barriers that keep us away from unity and inclusion.

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