Happy New Year!

Today is the ‘start’  of many new beginnings. Back to school routines are in progress and since we follow the church calendar year we are just beginning to start another season.  Happy New Year, seems to be a very fitting expression.

As a ministry this becomes a time where we can ‘chart our dreams’… plan, schedule, organize and reflect.
                            What do we hope to accomplish this year?
                                                      Where do we feel God leading? 
                                                                    Are there programs that need to change or perhaps end?
                                                                              Are there new things to try?

So many questions!

Our ministry mission/vision has two focuses:
          1.  Spiritual Care for individuals who live with disabilities
          2.  Resources/Training/Support for churches who want to include, welcome and enfold    
               members who live with disabilites.

This year we feel called to expand what we have to offer churches.  We have scheduled more workshops and want to be intentional about sharing what we have with others.

One of the ways we are going to do just that is through the use of this blog.  We hope to be able to use this blog as a resource– a place where information is shared– stories are told– inclusion is celebrated and God is honoured.  A place where we can freely talk about disability and faith– where we can explore, ponder and discuss the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters who live with disabilities and challenge each other as churches, ministries and individuals to respond with love to the calling of inclusion.

We hope that this will become a place where many voices are represented– through interviews, book sharing,guest posts and more.  Please check back often, and if there is something you are hoping to hear more about please contact us!

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