Can I Give You a Hug?

We love to hear stories and often feel honoured to have people share their journey with us.  One of the things we learned when we hosted IN 2013, was that it was so important for families to be able to share their story of disability– their journey with others.  Sharing stories helps to open the door for other families.  It puts us in a place of true vulnerability– it can be hard, emotional, frightening.  It can also be encouraging, supportive for others.  The truth is, we may never know how our story and our sharing of our story, impacts others.

Tonight, I am feeling thankful for parents who have openly shared their journey with disability.  I am thankful for people who are gifted at telling stories– who honour the words entrusted to them and translate the stories of real, everyday people into print. 

Rather than re-tell the stories, we’ll simply share this link.

Real people.  Real stories.  Hope. Inclusion.

by Angeline Schellenberg
Including people with disabilities in the church.

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