Including People with Disabilities in Faith Communities

“Across the country, congregations are beginning to discover their incredible capacity to welcome and weave people with developmental disabilities and their families into the life of their faith community.”
On this positive note, Carter begins his practical discussion on how to meaningfully integrate and welcome people with disabilities in the church context.  It is interesting to note that even in the title, his focus is on all those involved and invested in the lives of individuals with disabilities:  families, service providers and congregations.  There is jointly held responsibility, effort and privilege in guiding people with disabilities into positive encounter with faith communities.
The book is lengthy, but well-organized so that people can focus in on a particular area of involvement. 

 If you are an educator, Chapter 4 is for you; Chapter 6 is for Service providers, etc.  I do encourage you to read more broadly, particularly the introductory sections of the book, which provide a useful overview. There are also many practical resources, such as self-assessment tools, questionnaires, and lists of resources. 

This is a good book for the church library or pastor’s office – a helpful and user-friendly resource for a variety of different roles, relationships and needs.
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