We are so excited to share the plans of IN 2014 with you.  This year we have expanded and there are a variety of events planned… but all intended to INclude, INvite, INform, INspire.  The goal of IN 2014 is to encourage the discussion of meaningful inclusion of individuals with disabilities in faith communities.  It is a discussion we are passionate about and hope you will participate in.

This weekend has been planned to include a variety of different things.

ImageDo you enjoy music?  Then you will be very interested in our pre-conference event with Ken Medema.  Ken has been blind since birth and is able to weave story with song in an amazing way.  This evening will include stories from a variety of guests and will be hosted in part by Emily Colson.

ImageEmily Colson… daughter of Chuck Colson and mother Max, her 23 year old son with autism. She is also the author of Dancing With Max, where she shares her heart and her journey.  Emily is active in the blogging community and very recently, she shared an experience that she had while in a movie theatre with Max.  It went viral (in fact it crashed her website!).  We invite you to read of her grace and strength in Darkness in a Theatre

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