Retreat Weekend 2016

Retreat weekend is a highlight for many individuals connected with Hope Centre Ministries.  We love to go away from the city to relax, refresh, and renew connection with both God and others.  We have several learning times, small group time, camp activities, and fellowship activities that fill our days.  It is a wonderful time of learning and growing together.  This year, we welcomed over 60 people… so it was busy as well.  Our destination, for many years has been Camp Arnes in Gimli, MB.  We enjoyed the horses, the pool… and even the flying squirrel!  Continue reading from Jenny (0ur speaker at the retreat) to see what we learned.  You can also find out more about Jenny through her website:

Jenny writes:

Our theme for the weekend was based on the summer Olympic Games and so we called our theme: Champions for Christ. Many might think that this is a cheesy name, but I think it is great! I believe that when we are called by God to enter into relationship with Him, we are all called to strive to be a Champion for Christ each and every day.

During our time together I had the opportunity to lead devotions which took place three times. First, I got to speak about the importance of having a Coach. We must allow God to be our Coach to lead us every step of the way! Noah was a perfect example of what it meant to follow God (his coach) as he followed his directions to build the ark even though he faced difficulty. In our lives, we often face difficulties, but it is important that we allow God to be our coach and lead us, because he knows what is best for us.

My second devotion was about the importance of training. Every athlete must train to be able to perform to the best of their abilities. Jonah was a bad trainee because he did not want to listen to God. Jonah had a very bad attitude. In our walk with God we must train each and every day so that we can get to know God better and the things that He has for us. If we don’t put the right things in our mind and heart such as God’s Word, we won’t be “spiritually fit” and ready for the things that God has for us.

The last and final devotion was about keeping our eyes on the prize. Every athlete that competes goes for the gold. As believers we are going for something better then gold, we look forward to our prize that is in Heaven. This is very exciting! No matter what happens in our lives we can always have hope in our prize that God has given us through His Son, Jesus: an eternity in Heaven with Him.

It was a privilege for me to write these devotions and to teach them! To tell you the truth though, a week leading up to this time I did not feel like much of a champion. I was feeling defeated and very discouraged. Even so, God continued to teach me what it means to be a champion for Him, even at a time when I did not feel like one! We are all called to be Champions for Christ and to know that God is with us every step of the way!

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