Program Wrap Up

Hope Centre Ministry’s two Friendship Groups have now come to an end until they resume in the fall.  It was a really fun year, filled with learning, singing, fellowship, and even occasions to serve.  For our program wrap up, we had a BBQ for both the Friendship Group and the Young Adults group.  Delicious burgers, salads, veggies, and dessert were enjoyed by all.

Since the programs have each grown this past year, I opted to have each group have their own year-end BBQ instead of a joined one so we’d have enough space.  For the young adults group, one of the families opened up their home to host us!  It was a lot of fun to gather in that setting and some great memories were made.

One of the neat things about the year-end BBQ is that we have something called a “Friendship Salad”.  Hope Centre provides salad and some basic dressings, but we invite everyone coming to contribute their favourite topping to share.  I’m always surprised what people bring; I expect things like tomatoes, croutons, cucumber, and even dried cranberries, but I don’t expect crunchy dried onion pieces, shredded carrots, raisins, or potato chips!

It’s kind of like the real world… everyone does have something to bring to the ‘salad’ of life together, but it’s not always what you or I may expect.  And just because it’s not something typical, doesn’t mean that it isn’t valued and that many will still enjoy it.  It’s a good reminder of Hope Centre’s motto:  We ALL have gifts, they differ!


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