Summer at HCM

This is truly a summer of new initiatives around HCM.  Until this year, our summers were mainly focused on providing leadership during a weeklong mission week for youth with disabilities (called SERVE), here in Winnipeg.   Last year, Shellie and April had the opportunity to join Fruitland’s Special Needs SERVE tool, as a speaker (Shellie) and an all-around helper (April).

However, this summer Shellie, April, Michelle, and Jennifer will be travelling in a group of 15 from Winnipeg to be part of Fruitland’s SERVE week; it’ll be a Winnipeg invasion in the Niagara Region!  The theme for SERVE 2016 is: “Make change. Be changed” and it’s our prayer that this will be true in our group – that we will make a difference for those we’re serving, and that God will also mold and change us to better serve Him when we go home as well.

Even while the SERVE team is in Fruitland, HCM will be busy in Winnipeg too.  This is to the credit of our two newest employees for the summer:  Michelle Klassen and Emily Hiebert.  Michelle and Emily have been busy getting ready for and starting a brand new program, “Hands and Feet”.  This program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer and encourages youth and young adults who live with disabilities to grow deeper in their understanding of God by learning how to serve their community.

As you can see, our summer is anything but quiet.  Please pray for these ministry initiatives and the seeds that are being planted.  If you want to learn more about summer programs and HCM please visit us online:

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