Hope Centre Ministries is over 40 years old. Our current ministry has been shaped in many ways throughout the years.

A Humble Beginning
Hope Centre was founded in the early 70’s by the Christian Reformed Churches of Winnipeg as an outreach to the impoverished area of Winnipeg called the North End. The initial focus was on continuing ministry to the community children who had attended Vacation Bible School at the nearby College Ave Christian Reformed Church. The desire was to bring a more consistent ministry in the form of Sunday School and evening clubs. As contacts were made with the families of these children, the work soon extended to include Bible Study programs for the women.

New Discoveries
In 1976, a needs assessment established the need for programs for people living with a cognitive disability as well as for an informal church structure. A pastoral team was called into the ministry through the C.R.C. – Home Missions program. In Sept, 1977, the first service was held at Hope Centre Church. This initial involvement with people living with cognitive disabilities led to the establishment of expanded services. In 1981, new building was erected at 240 Powers St. using grant money through the City of Winnipeg. The Board worked with the Province of Manitoba to develop an alternate day program for adults with developmental disabilities. In 1987, the first community residence was established.

Growing and Changing
Meanwhile, in response to needs in the community, various other ministries has sprung up, including a health care centre (now called Hope Centre Clinic). In 1983, three separate, but related, organizations were formed: Hope Centre Inc.~~now renamed and known as Epic Opportunities, Hope Centre Health Care Inc. and Hope Centre Ministries. Each organization is administered separately but is intentional about maintaining co-operational ties. Hope Centre Church (now Hope Centre Ministries) grew as opportunities arose to respond to various needs.

We provide spiritual care for individuals with disabilities by offering services in 3 key areas:

  • Support for Individuals
  • Support for Families
  • Support for Churches