Vision & Mission

Hope Centre Ministries exists to celebrate the gifts and uniqueness of individuals who live with disabilities and support them in their walk with God and their faith community.

We, the members, staff, Steering Committee and supporting community of Hope Centre Ministries, envision a time when all people who live with a disability, together with their families and their friends, are fully incorporated in the worship and life of Christ’s Church where all employ their gifts for the benefit of local congregations and their ministry.

We have as our mission the building of inclusive worshiping communities that see all people as created in God’s image, gifted and capable of making a contribution. These communities will provide an environment where members are encouraged to express their giftedness, as they desire, giving and receiving holistic support for the challenges of life.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Encouraging churches and other Christian ministries to be proactive and inclusive.
  • Providing friendship and pastoral care, walking alongside each other, giving extra support where needed.
  • Being inclusive in planning processes and building bridges between individuals and/or groups of individuals who live with disabilities and the rest of society.
  • Being a catalyst for the formation of inclusive worshiping groups, support circles and other holistic solutions to meet the needs of people of all ages who live with disabilities.
  • Being a resource and an incubator for programs that provide support to people living with disabilities, making it possible for them to participate more fully in society.