HCM is available to speak at your conference, church, youth group, Sunday School class or small group.  We have a variety of disability awareness talks but are also willing to work with you to shape a talk that matches your need.

Shellie Power:  has been the Director of Spiritual Care for Hope Centre Ministries since 2008.  She  holds a degree in Special Education and has worked as a Spec. Ed. teacher for 13 years.   Shellie has been married to Vince for 20 years and together they are raising 3 boys.   Shellie’s personal journey as a parent has helped to fuel her passion for inclusion of people with disabilities in faith communities.  Her varied  experience has helped to develop her repertoire of practical strategies for inclusion. She has a wide range of speaking experience, from Sunday Morning Sermons, workshops, youth events, and more.

Jennifer Pichette:  Jennifer works for HCM in the area of Community Awareness/Church Advocacy.  She has led workshops, spoken at women’s retreats/gatherings, provided the Sunday morning message at several churches, and led chapel/assemblies/classes.  She has several talks that highlight her story of living with a disability and discovering her worth and value through a relationship with Jesus.  Her passion for inclusion is strong and she conveys that in a vulnerable way that connects with a wide variety of audiences.

You can learn more about Jennifer at:  www.jennypichette.com

You can hear Jenny speak HERE

Other Winnipeg Area Speakers:

Kayla Dyck:  Kayla currently lives with her parents on a farm outside of St. Malo.  She works at Blue Sky Opportunities in Altona.  Kayla lives with autism and enjoys connecting with people through different programs at Hope Centre Ministries.  Kayla has written, “Out of the Cocoon” as a way of helping others understand her journey with autism.  Kayla partners with Shellie to present this in workshop/presentation format.