Hope Centre Ministries provides training and supports for churches through a series of workshops aimed at encouraging and equipping those who work with different groups within the church. These workshops can be adapted to several settings and groups and are a wonderful way to support and nurture inclusion of people with disabilities within your church.  Workshops are ideal for youth leaders, pastors, volunteers, parents.  They also provide a great topic for adult Sunday School, small group ministries, Youth Groups… and more.  All workshops are tailored to the needs presented by the host church.  We provide the speaker(s) and all supplies and are able to work with a variety of budgets.


Workshops Available:

NEW:  Out of the Cocoon:  This workshop is based on a book project that was completed by a young woman connected with Hope Centre Ministries who lives with Autism.  Her words and story are weaved with facts and specific strategies to help promote understanding and encourage inclusion for individuals and families who live with ASD. As she is involved in the presentation of this workshop, it provides a powerful perspective.

Understanding LD/ADHD:  This workshop will help to understand what it feels like to live with Learning Disabilities and ADHD and will help participants answer  these questions:  How can we accommodate the needs of those who live with LD/ADHD within existing programs?  What resources are available to support inclusion of people with LD/ADHD?  What are some strategies for dealing with some of the associated behaviours that are often seen in people living with LD/ADHD?

Sunday School Pantry: Tools for Inclusion:  This workshop is a great workshop for Sunday School Teachers and Youth Group Leaders.  It is a make & take and show & tell workshop that highlights ideas for modifications and strategies to try with children who may struggle with reading, writing, memorizing, attending, or speaking in a church setting.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion:  As churches and faith communities we represent the body of Christ.  It is a beautiful picture, and yet if we look closely we need to recognize that it is incomplete.  Many families with children with disabilities do not feel welcome or included in their local church.  In this workshop we will take a look at the biblical model of inclusion, and participate in activities that are intended to teach ways to recognize that every individual, including persons with disabilities, has been created with gifts that are needed to strengthen the body.  The body needs each peice!  Attendees will be given resources and practical, ready to use strategies that are intended to remove barriers and nurture inclusion.

Autism and Your Church:  Autism has evolved from an unfamiliar term to an everyday reality for millions of people.  What about the church?  What about your church?  How can our faith communities become a welcoming place for individuals and families affected by ASD?  Using the resource, Autism and Your Church by Barbara J. Newman, we will learn about autism and some specific strategies for including people with autism in the life of your community.

Connecting with Jesus:  A look at Faith Formation and people with disabilities.  How do people with disabilities express their faith in Jesus and how do congregations who support them encourage further faith development?  This workshop will have resources available for encouraging faith growth in individuals who live with disabilities.

Inclusive Worship:  Many words that we use in corporate worship are relational words that are deeply connected to the actions that are incorporated in worship.   This workshop will look at the different Vertical Habits (Calvin Institute of  Christian Worship), to learn how the words we use in our relationships also shape our worship.  We will also be exploring a wonderful new resource, Accessible Gospel by Barbara Newman.

Hope in Community: The church is called to be a community of hope that includes those living with disabilities– a community that journeys alongside and helps people discover who they are in Jesus Christ.  This workshop will offer personal insight on how churches have been successful but also where churches need to improve.   It is intended for anyone who wants to be inspired to know that YOU can make a difference in a person’s life remembering that “all things are possible with God!”

How Does it Feel?:  This workshop provides a variety of assimilation activities that allows participants to experience some of the ways that disabilities impact individuals.  Attendees will learn about a variety of disabilities and will be able to understand more fully, the need for modifications to space, programs, curriculum, etc.